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Sophie Monk’s Sweatpant Ass Getting Into a Car of the Day

I know sweatpants aren’t always the best choice in pants if you’re looking to make your ass look good, but nobody told herped up Sophie Monk…you know Australians are a different breed of trash and it wasn’t until the late 80s that they were even able to buy Levis, so there fashion sense is a few generations behind I guess, especially when the Australian in question is some cheesy, tacky, useless bitch trying to be famous cuz she’s decided she’s too good to going back to live in the trailer park she was from, and she’s gonna do all she can or fuck all the right men that she can to make sure she makes a good life for herself…even though beauty is fleeting, she looks sloppy with a flat ass, and her pussy is rockin’ Paris Hilton herpes cuz her Fiance cheated on her with Paris….making her pretty fuckin’ gutter…but the paparazzi still cares…and I guess so do I…but I’d fuck pretty much anything…including a bucket of minced meat, but only if it was left out in the sun to warm up and was wearing extensions…if you know what I mean…

Pics via Fame

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  • Imtheloserbehind

    This time DSF is right. These paps hang out in the same spots everyday and these “stars” know they do, so they go there to see if they still get their picture taken. Lucky for us we still have a disease free Miranda kerr.

  • Drunken Pig

    ‘sweat-pant’s’ =I have given-up on life!!..however they do provide quick and easy access!!