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Rebecca Gayheart Karma Watch of the Day

Now that Rebecca Gayheart has a kid, I like to keep track of her, just to see if Karma gets back at her for running over a kid with her car only to be given 3 years probation and a 2,800 dollar fine…and I’m sure she’s liking the attention since the last movie she was in was called “Bunny Whipped” and it came out in 2007….and the highlight of her life recently was some cocaine fueled threesome sex tape that wasn’t even fun to watch…and that didn’t even blow the fuck up cuz after you kill a kid, even if you get off for it, and even if you don’t let it phase you cuz you are self-absorbed cunt, you’re done..

But in her defense, the parents of the kid she killed but got off from killing got an out of court settlement, which to their poor Spic asses must have solved a lot of problems….probably enough problems that losing one of their dozen or so kids was a small safrice to make to get some “Urban Legends: Final Cut” dollars….I keep having visions of the kid’s mom pushing him in front of the famous car cuz she saw a lottery ticket at the end…but maybe I’m just dark…..

Either way, she’s got an injured hand and I think it’s safe to say Karma is coming….

Pics via Fame

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  • Huckle

    You retard! That is the cap for the nipple on a baby bottle!

  • Bob Smith

    LOL you’re right. But is this the best that actor who married her can do?

  • Mojo

    You stupid fuck…a SPIC is a Puerto Rican!! She hit a Mexican dumb mother fucker…… oh, that’s a WET BACK to you…


  • Erswi

    I would never make that kind of safrice. WTF is a safrice anyway? Is that one of those Mexican dishes made with arroz?

  • fern

    I am sure she has a lot of guilt for what she has done, it was an accident and life is all about living and learning, I think you were a bit hard on her.

  • Durrsfadjegjg

    I never knew she killed a kid… that’s fucked up. I’m sure she actually DOES feel like shit about it though. How could you not, for killing someone’s child? Her kid doesn’t deserve to die for it, because (s)he’s innocent, but if anyone should get dicked by Karma it’s Rebecca herself.