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Annalynne McCord Ass in White Pants of the Day

Annalynne McCord is a risk taker, cuz here she is in a pair of white pants….she must have just finished her period cuz every pre-pubescent girl in middle school knows that the bomb can drop at any fucking time so white pants aren’t just not to be worn after labor day, they are not to be worn ever…she must not be pregnant cuz any pregnant girls knows not to wear white pants ever in the event of a miscarriage…she must not eaten cuz anyone with stomach issues or food in their stomach knows not to wear pants cuz white sharting is hard to hide when there’s a brown wet spot on her ass….she must not being going to get lap dances cuz my friend once wore light colored pants and was left with a yellow streak that tasted horrible of god knows what on his shit….

I don’t ever know why I do posts on this bitch, I guess I just feel for her cuz she’s so hung up on her fame but that’s shit’s not gonna last and I’m just helping make this experience a good one for her…despite her being real fucking ugly…I guess I just like the underdog aspiring celebrity before she washes the fuck up and is forgotten. I’m nice like that….

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    So your saying you taste shit off your friends pant’s??

  • hammond egger

    She doesn’t have to worry about having a period in her white pants because she is obviously a 14 year old boy. Grab a sandwich and some estrogen sweetie so you can start working on some hips and titties like the older girls have.

  • Bob Smith

    My god… she has no ass to speak of.

  • cowbulls

    That is a boy until I see a DNA test that says otherwise.

  • bi chick

    Disappointing. This girl looks really hot in a bikini, very slim but shapely…but what happened to her ass? These pants are terribly unflattering. And I had really high hopes when I read the title of this post!