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Katy Perry and Anna Kournikova do TV Together of the Day

Katy Perry and Anna Kournikova were guests on the same TV show…..

Katy Perry showed up in a latex outfit trying to be sexy because she’s a fucking pig, but the nice thing about her is that she’s got pretty great tits and no matter how hard I hate her, I can appreciate tits…..She spoke about her religious upbringing, playing with balls and other boring shit…

Kournikova showed up with an American accent, spoke about girls in the locker room, neglected to talk about being a mail order bride with a gay husband…

This shit is edited hard, which is nice, cuz we don’t have to listen to their conversation…but we can try to look up their skirts…

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  • Drunken Pig

    Kornholekova was never able to really play tennis..but was fun watching her try!!..This Perry bitch need’s to let me tit-fuck her than go away..f’er fucking good!! This would have been ok..’cept for the two Fags!!

  • Taz

    nice post

  • cowbulls

    Kournikova has gotten too skinny.

  • hero
  • i could wish that my wife is Anna Kournikova, she is really pretty –

  • Anna Kournikova is so damn sexy but Maria Sharapova is prettier**;

  • Anna Kournikova is simply beautiful, she is perfect, an athletic body and pretty face’