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Katy Perry Kissed a Girl and it was Boring of the Day

We get it – she made a reputation for herself by launching her career with a song called “I kissed a girl and I liked it” and now she has to live up to it, otherwise more people will know she’s a pig rolling around in her own fucking bullshit to keep cool…The kiss is awkward and there is no tongue and reminds me of when I used to try to get High School girls to kiss in the park, it’s like no tongue, hardly a kiss on the lips, boring shit you’d see someone do to their dying grandmother in hopes to breathe some life back into her…and not something you’d jerk off to…

Now get her fucking song out of my head…they polluted my life with it last year and I can only assume it was some brainwashing technology that made me memorize it without wanting to leading to album sales and I guess the damage is fucking done…and I’m not very happy about it….but I can only blame Katy Perry for doing this to me and I will have to one day find my revenge…ideally via hate-titty-fucking….

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  • CharlieBrownCocoaMan

    Boring indeed.

    Fuck I LOVE her tits.

  • Perv

    Why does Katy have a bandage on her leg?

  • Larry

    I think her next single should be “I did it with a midget”.

  • the world

    Who are these people?