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Monica Cruz Drunk of the Day

Penelope Cruz got married to some dude named Javier who was in a movie with her and who is also Spanish and her sister Monica got fucking wasted and there’s something about wasted girls stumbling around, passed out on the sidewalk shoeless, that is porno to me and if I could, all women would act like this all the time, cuz that is when they make ill-decisions that usually lead to me having unprotected sex, or at least to me getting pics of their cunts while pantyless and spread eagled on a park bench….

This is my kind of girl….and if you happen to be a girl who accidentally just landed on the site…..take her lead…and send in pics…Thanks in advance.

Pics via Bauer

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    Wow,that guy has a nice bulge!

  • Predator

    Sure does, my little bum chum. Head for it with your mouth wide open,I will be right behind you. If you know what I mean!

  • Expletive:bmp

    ^^^You guys fucking rock, but the best part about such dames is that there’s hardly any effort needed to have your way with her, then again this dame looks like she can drink 151 proof plus down a jar of goat peppers and only suffer a mild form of the goblin farts—so we may have to tranq her ass.