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Nicole Trunfio Nipple Slip of the Day

Here’s some Australian model I’ve never heard of showing a sliver of nipple. I know models showing nipple is part of their job…and isn’t exciting…especially when it’s such an insignificant part of her nipple…but I also know that jerking off to nipple is part of your job…not cuz you get paid for this….but because it is how you spend your days when you should be at a job, or looking for a job, you fucking deadbeat chronic masturbating weirdo…get your hands out of there…this is awkward…I am writing to an imaginary dude who is masturbating to pictures of nipple like some kind of weirdo since everyone knows the only porn guys jerk off to these day are throat fucking pornos…and that may make me gay…

Here are the pics of the nipple…

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  • Drunken Pig

    Be gay if you may..I prefer throat fucking bitches and watching their eye-liner run as they gag!!..Job??..what the fuck is that??

  • Expletive:bmp

    what a nice looking dame, fucking Census questionaires crushing my will to confuddle, but fuck me, she’s cute, e’en though i wish she was mine so as to chew on her cunny lips in the hope to taste sweetness, but knowing the Aussies, she probably smells of vegamite cheese.