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Phoebe Price Does Wonder Woman at Comicon of the DAy

Phoebe Price is too old for this shit…but for some reason she manages to get herself into every event she can, whether she’s got business being there or not, so I have have no idea why she is at Comicon, or what she’s promoting, or if she’s just walkin’ thru cuz she knows the paparazzi is there, but I know she is no wonderwoman….she is old and horrible…and this must be some kind of miserable joke…But it’s nice to see she got to spend some time with Perez Hilton and his new haircut…and that’s all I have to say about that…

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  • Drunken Pig

    Ha Ha..that does look like Fairyez Hilton!!..I’ll take the bitch in the ‘come fuck me boots’!!

  • phoebefan

    Phoebe Price is a very beautiful woman ! People cannot believe how her cheeks can grow enormously when she puts on her dazzling smile ! I get asked all the time if those are cheek implants, but obviously they are not. She inherited those gorgeous cheeks, that are mesmerizing the world. Her fanbase is getting larger by the day. She has a faboulous smile. Phoebe Price has such an enchanting aura like no one else. She is bewitching men all over the world.