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Susan Sarandon’s Nipple and her Boy Toy of the Day

Susan Sarandon is fucking a 31 year old….I am not sure why he’s fucking her, maybe he has grandmommy issues and never got to peak at his granny getting changed before church…or maybe he’s an opportunist who realizes that fucking Susan Sarandon is not THAT bad of a thing….or maybe he’s just a Rocky Horror Picture show fan and he had to slam janet dammit….or maybe he’s just going with the flow…even if this MILF is not so much of a MILF anymore…since she gets senior discounts at the pharmacy and wears her pants like her uterus is trying to escape her gunt cuz it’s no longer needed….but maybe some of you are into it cuz big tits are enough to satisfy your needs no matter who they are on….

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  • Drunken Pig

    Well worth a poke…20yrs ago!!

  • drunk mom

    but he looks like he has klinefelter’s syndrome (Wiki that, drunkards) so who cares if he’s 31 and she’s 131, she still trumps him

  • Expletive:bmp

    Who gives a fuck about her age, most of you fuckers will fuck anything, so your rants about her being too old is silly—though it’d be something sniffing seventy year old front 🙂

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^This from an un-stable virgin..STFU and take you’re meds!!

  • Tim

    love, love, love her funbags, even if gravity has taken its toll.

    don’t care. still bang her seven days to Sunday.

    where is her nipple in these pictures?