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Hilary Duff Slowly Turnin’ into a Man of the Day

Some rich people turn really fucking weird. You know they come up with these fetishes that just don’t make sense. They develop these God complexes where they can make anything they want happen and I guess it is safe to say that Mike Comrie – Hilary Duff’s fiance, who along with being a rich kid, is also a pro hockey player cuz everything just works out his billionaire way, including when he wants to marry a starlet to make the guys think he’s a player and impress them so much that they don’t question why he is hard in the lockerroom staring at their sweaty hocky cocks…..but in order to make it work for him….he had to turn Hilary Duff into a dude…cuz a thick back, rock hard shoulders and biceps is the only way motherfucker can cum……That’s just how

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  • King Tung

    bet she’s got lots of hair around her asshole

  • Expletive:bmp

    ^^^maybe she does, but it’s so fucking boring following these fucking people, let’s stalk regular girls blur out their faces and claim they’re fucking whores, works all the time.

  • Brittani

    Umm, it looks like shes going to work out. I’m not a Hilary Duff fan but still, what do you want her to wear? Heels and a mini skirt? let the poor girl run.

  • Gravy

    She looks like Kinda down syndromy- you will probably find her grinding a tree stump when she is alone

  • Darren Leite

    I think she’s hot and not manly at all.

  • dan plopp

    I wouldn’t turn down coitus, or anal with her