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Jessica Biel and her “Just Got Raped” Hair of the Day

I guess you could say this messy hairstyle Jessica Biel is rockin’ looks like she just finished a romantic lovemaking session with Justin Timberlake in the limo on the way to the event because they are so in love and don’t get to see each other enough, or you could say the messy hairstyle looks like she just from a rough night of getting wasted, getting gangbanged, getting hosed down in cum on her face, ass, tits, stomach and pussy (provided she has a pussy), but I prefer to just think her hair looks like this cuz she got raped….maybe because I find raping Jessica Biel a hot concept but I think it’s more likely cuz I like getting hate mail….

Pics via Bauer

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  • Drunken Pig

    She’d look a lot worse after I was done with her!!

  • richard

    before showing up jessica biel get throated so hard and long, all her cheap holes been drilled and of after few hours of intensive gang bang she get all the cum on her whore face and hair

  • cowbulls

    I camp out overnight to get to fill one of her holes. I think she has a fantastic body.

  • Dino

    You are not joking about rape. She has a nigger ‘security guard’ who likely fucks the shit out of her three times a day. This is why I hate white bitches, as soon as they get popular they surround themselves with nigger studs.

  • always the first good laugh of the day

  • dean

    jessica biel performed before many blowjobs in a public toilet! for a meat fuck like her is the easiest way to find fuck partners!