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Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka Dressed like Cheerleaders of the Day

If you read the site, which you probably don’t, I do a thing called the Asshley Tisdale ugly watch, where I got on about how she is all hype and the only reason anyone bothered with her in the first place was because she lied about her age and pretended to be underage…and guys love underage chicks no matter how bad their face is. I got emails from people she went to school with and found out that bitch was pushing 30 and that’s why she’s always at the gym, cuz she’s trying to keep a youthful 23 year old figure, and the whole thing confused me, mainly because I didn’t like the fact that I knew who Ashley Tisdale was, but also because I care about working out why she and everyone else thought she was hot, while I could spend that time on better things, like masturbating.

Either way, she got cast in some show or movie as a cheerleader with a bad nose job, and here she is in her uniform, and I still think she’s ugly, but like young girls make one forget how ugly she is, cheerleader outfits have the same kind of power….

Another Disney executive sex slave, Aly Michalka is in the show too, only she’s more fun than Ugly Ashley TIsdale and shows some ass cheek….

Pics via Bauer

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  • Mike

    IMO Aly is way uglier then Ashley. Then again, I wouldn’t complain about hitting either one.

  • tankur58

    i’d jump on that a$$ in a heartbeat

  • Expletive:bmp

    Who the fuck, I remember them, they’re okay. Would I fuck ’em? Hell yeah, can I fuck them? Hell no, have you fuckers seen me before, they’d run away sreaming for their mothers and the authorities.

  • roscoe

    Both hot!

  • Sprmcandy

    Bitch Ashley has Great legs !!

  • mar

    You fucking peeople are on drugs. Bitch is ugly.