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Zoe Saldana in Her Underwear for Calvin Klein of the Day

I don’t know why I missed these pictures, but apparently they came out a week ago, and I’m usually on top of any celebrity in her underwear, not matter how important or irrelevant she is…I guess I can only blame it on laziness, as well as my new hobby of watching various sodomy and throat rape porno clips clips while blasting love songs at the same time, it is my own kind of creepy, sad, mash up of depressing loser who smells like his own stale cum…I can’t wait til I start getting booked at parties….and I am sure some of you can’t wait til Avatar bitch who is only really known for being the Avatar bitch all the losers want to make love to, cuz loser virgins don’t fuck, they are too gentle and take care of their women like they were the first issue of Superman they happened to get their hands on, not that they ever get women, but you get what I am saying, and that is that her fame was hardly even her….and I am sure some of you are mad that your she would strip down for all the men to get turned on by her since you and your crazy think she is your wife, since you did have that ceremony in your backyard when the rest of your family was asleep…

All I see is Calvin Klein ads that aren’t as exciting as the kiddie porn shit he used to produce back in the day that got him in trouble, but they are still of a bitch in her underwear and as you know, that’s good enough…

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  • Taz

    She was hot in drumline

  • HornyLohanWanker

    Never heard of the cunt.

    I would let her rim me though.

  • Amazing Larry

    Too bland looking for me she needs some color whoever she is, maybe a nice shade of blue would be better.

  • LolleyGagger

    Man that Snorgtees girl on the right has some tig ol’ bitties I’d like to see.

  • John W Sharp

    A poor man’s Thandie Newton.