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Jennifer Love Hewitt Is a Schoolgirl of the Day

This is really believable….I have a feeling this has either got to be some kind of dream sequence in a horrible movie….that they are going to filter in editing to give her a youthful glow…or that this is a movie that she is producing and that she decided to sabotage by volunteering to be the school girl in order to feed her ego…cuz the only reason someone that looks like this would be wearing a school girl outfit would be to try to turn their husband on…cuz the sex got stagnant and she noticed how into younger girls he was…not realizing her fat ass in a school girl outfit doesn’t have the same affect…or on Halloween….where here and her single friends decide to go out and try to find husbands cuz they’ve wore their vibrators down to the plastic skeleton…

Either way, this isn’t hot and would only be hot if she was the older girl coming back to high school to get her diploma while deciding she’d rather teach the girls and boys how to fuck…but they changed laws for 18 year olds in high school…so it is totally unbelieveable…kinda like these pictures…

Good thing you’ll take anything you can get.

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Big tittied school girl. You pay extra for that.

    I gotta see her nipples though, any pictures of those things?

  • Volfie

    So, a fat-assed saggy boobed 30 year old is playing a schoolgirl. That’s believeable.

    Is this from the Law and Order:SVU shoot? The show that should have been canceled about 4, 5 seasons ago?

  • Taz

    She was so fucking hot back in the day. Playboy needs her before she falls off the cliff.

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    I think it’s from her new show where she’s an hooker solving crime or whatever the plot of this show is. This fantasy should of happen when she was on 7th heaven show. At least she’s still making money in Hollywood most women her age are thrown away or too druged up.

  • Dino

    Saddest sight in the world: an old and used up woman trying to play the role of a schoolgirl.

  • Nameless

    She would look a lot hotter if her skirt wasn’t two sizes too big and hike up to the bottom of her tits.

  • Barney

    She would look better with the skirt hiked up over her head and her ankles behind her ears.

  • cowbulls

    That incredible body would be a sexual Disneyland but all positions would require access to those amazing breasts.

  • Pineapple Andy Kaid

    Betty White is also doing a schoolgirl thing. Pretty hot.

  • seriously?

    Seriously? Old and used up? She is like 32.