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Sarah Silverman in her One Piece of the Day

This is the worst joke Sarah Silverman has ever made. She looks so bad and I get that sometimes ugly people like to play it up and make a joke out of it since everyone is already feeling awkward and laughing on the inside, but seriously, this is painful…more painful than any annoying fart joke she’s made…

I’ve always found this bitch to be a hack. I thought her jokes were obvious and intentional cries for attention, I hated when people gave her credit but worst of all, people actually used to say she was hot and that was just fucking strange…cuz fat guys get pussy with jokes, not the other way around….

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  • Cartwright

    It is ironic that you would call anyone a hack

  • Expletive:BMP

    Sarah’s all natural and shit, which makes her infinitely sexy. If you don’t get it hayzeus, joke on you mutha-fucka. Sarah is aces, even if she don’t like men with small dicks, which I have, but i’d still fuck her, even if she don’t like tall big bellied black men—she’s still hot though, on account of her mind not her body, and if you fuck women just for their looks then you’d end up with a fucking turd like Paris Hilton, which isn’t bad because she has cooties, and girls with cooties will try anal, or so I’m told.

  • Drunken Pig

    Meh..6 beers!!

  • I wouldn’t fuck that nasty skank with Steve Perry’s dick. Sarah doesn’t tell nigger jokes, she is a nigger joke.