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Jennifer Garner Shitty See Through of the Day

Jennifer Garner is boring. She was never the girl in movies I wanted to fuck. See I don’t think seeing her naked, now that she’s a mom, would be of interest to me, even if she was laying there grabbing Ben Affleck’s balls as his cock is getting shoved down Matt Damon’s throat, sure I’d look, but I’d want to ask why they didn’t choose a hotter girl for the role, so I don’t know why I am posting these pictures of her in what could be a see through like it is a big deal….cuz anything she’s into isn’t a big deal…even if it’s sitting in her bathroom applying cream to J.Lo brand herpes…Affleck got back in his drinking days, before becoming a boring family man…

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  • roscoe

    way more of a monster than Mel B. She’s ruined her face with plastic surgery and whatever else she’s done to make her jaw look like that.

  • Bob Smith


    Seriously, she used to be good looking. What happened to her?

  • Drunken Pig

    Frozen faced tranny??..really WTF??

  • Too much steroids during Alias days!

  • mel brown

    mel b…hahaha…when i see mel b i think of a smelly thong covered in skid marks.