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Kim Kardashian’s Car Accident Wasn’t Good Enough of the Day

Kim Kardashian constantly ruins my fetishes….from peeing on chicks, to making sex tapes and getting a reality show…to Armenian women…to rich LA kids….to chubby lazy chicks who carry their weight right…to girls who have hard manly faces…she’s managed to pollute my brain….and now she’s ruining my car accident fetish…esepcially one featuring a piece of rich lazy overrated trash who gets pissed on in sex tapes that lead to making millions with a TV show like some kind of celebrity all while having a hot thick lazy Armenian body….cuz in that fetish the bitch drives off a cliff into the ocean.

So next time this bitch gets is in a car accident, she should do it up proper and get killed like anyone who does a car accident right. This candy coated bullshit is typical of her half assed behavior…and is just another disappointment from her and her big ass and big titties…

Here are some pictures of her in Allure since I am a fashion site…because apparently she has some kind of Allure…that I don’t understand…but I think it starts with watching her big round rich immigrant ass as it got fucked and pissed on by a black dude after seeing her at parties with Paris Hilton….it’s like how can a urinal accomplish so much…when the urinals I know just kind stick to one place and one job….bad joke. I know.

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