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Shauna Sand in her Bikini Still Fucks up the Kids of the Day

Here are some more pictures of Shauna Sand ruining her young daughter. This is the kind of shit that reminds me of when I was growing up, before being taken away, where my mom was welcoming fat, old American men into our one room shanty, and I turned out fine…but when I was 14, I was friends with this welfare kid who had ADHD and was constantly getting into trouble. He was unshowered, always in dirty clothes, kinda like me today, but at the time he was the stinky kid in school. One day, he asked me to go to his house to pick up something, I walked in and his mother was walking around in lingerie, a dude was on the couch smoking a cigarette, in the middle of the day, and the kid just freaked the fuck out, cuz it happened on the regular…10 years ago, I saw the dude on the street, he was a drug dealing male escort and I guess all things worked out as his mom woulda expected, if she cared enough to expect anything other than another fix.

All that to say is Shauna Sand is a horrible mother. She’s been in Playboy, porn and brings new pretty gay looking guys into her kids life that will either land her kid doing porn like mommy, or so conservative and lesbian that she won’t see dick like she was Susan Boyle.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see, and in the meantime, Shauna Sand and her haggard slut face is here to entertain.

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  • Al

    Awesome body especially the tits!!!

  • drunk mom

    she actually has 3 daughters! last year dlisted posted a video her taking her daughters to an ice cream parlour ( a real ice cream parlour, not the urban dictionary version of “ice cream social” that could also give you IBS)…clearly her kids think she is a dumb ho, they roll their eyes and cringe with embarassment as she totters along in her 8 inch lucite heels, hopefully they will grow up the opposite

  • cowbulls

    I sure would have liked to have gotten my dick in her and my hands on her before she messed herself up so badly.

  • akb

    I can’t stand this woman … but she looks good … better than me (and I’m kinda hot). still skanky tho.

  • Drunken Pig

    Thank’s for the adminision akb..I think..you sound and smell like a terrorist..this bitch annoy’s me!!..suffered thru part of her ‘tape’..bruised and battered box does not sexy make!!

  • drunk mom

    i saw that tape too,dp….that wretched box….shudder, nightmares….having said, i’d watch it again, what is wrong with me?