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The Chick From the OC My Friend Wanted to Fuck of the Day

I never saw this girls appeal. I remember watching the OC to take notes I’d bring with me to the bar in efforts to seduce the college girls, a strategy that actually worked a few times and got me some college pussy pushed up against my mouth in a bar bathroom, sure she was passed out, puking and her dress was hiked up, but I can only assume her underwear didn’t push itself to the side on their own. She totally wanted it, despite her reaction when she came to that led me to being kicked out….but that’s not the point.

The point is that this dude bluecollar Mark who I used to watch the show with cuz he was into running the same game as me at the dollar drink college party loved Samaire Armstrong and I just thought she was boring, had stupid lesbian hair… but she was his dream girl, so when I saw this I felt I should do this post for him….not cuz I ever liked the dude, but cuz that’s all that comes to mind when I see this third or fourth tier OC star.

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  • Amber_Taylor

    What the H is this bitch wearing?

    & why the hell isn’t she telling that “starving artist” that he needs to be doing gay porn instead of pan-handling?

  • Drunken Pig

    Making a pretty mess of her dress sounds fun..really Amber??..”gay porn”!!??..still dwelling on that Chyna shit??

  • ‘Ol Dickless

    I heard this skinny broad went to rehab for a meth “problem”. Once an addict, always an addict; tell your pal, Bluecollar Mark, to score a bag and dangle it in front of her. Trust me, in no time at all he’ll be pounding every hole on his dream girl!