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Natalia Vodianova for Forum 2011 Campaign of the Day

Since I am a fashion site that links to porn sites and not a porn site that links to fashion sites cuz fashion sites make bank and porn sites make bank…but sites that somehow manage to float in the middle of the two make fucking nothing…so repackaging the shit was needed…here are some pictures of Natalia Vodianova, a model, in black and white pictures with some colorful cumshot effect, for the new Forum campaign, not that I know what forum would be, but I do know that this bitch is a well-liked communist who escaped being a mail-order bride and instead became an expensive model, but more importantly, that this campaign looks like some softcore porn sex scene I watched late night, and there’s nothing wrong with that…other than a lack of pussy lip and penetration….which I guess is a huge thing wrong with that….

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  • Expletive:BMP

    Wanted to comment earlier but I felt as If death was right there, and besides that depression which made me feel O so special; would reveal but it’s sort of like having a tooth brush shoved in your dick hole, aka your urethra; doesn’t matter how well you explain how uncomfortable that feels, you cant adequately explain it to any one unless they had a toothbrush with baking soda forced down their dick hole.

    So watching these people pretend coolness on film is as interesting as watching Rachel Madcow pretend she’s a dude, though when she’s out in the field she looks like a geeky nerdy young pimply pale white dude. Glamour shots are over done and so very boring. I call for a change, how about a real shot without all the make-up and glamor cause when you have this dame in your house, all she’s ever going to do is binge and throw up, weigh the vomit, and weigh the shit after she takes a few enemas to be sure of the grams she takes in comes out. And after all that, she’s gonna be sniffing coke and shit, and if you ever get to bone her, all you’re gonna feel is so much dry cunt, that you’d leave her and rape the first obese woman you cross.

  • Bob Smith

    It looks like one of those porn wrestling tapes where a guy and a girl wrestle and the girl always loses and she ends up getting fucked. Difference this time is the guy is gay and probably would lose just so he wouldn’t be forced to use her pussy.

  • Expletive:BMP

    ^^thats it 🙂