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Taylor Momsen is the Slutty Teen of the Day

Taylor Momsen doesn’t have shit on the real hooker I saw this weekend. She also wore a short skirt, tight outfit, shitty bleached hair, but instead of make-up, bitch had a real rugged “Just got fucked for money” look, and instead of pantyhose, or thigh highs with garters, she had her fishnets tattooed on her legs and I thought that took being a whore to the next fucking level, it was like she accepted this was and always will be her life, while Taylor Momsen is just a clown mocking that for attention, like a kid on Halloween, it is so artificial, it is funny, but at the same time we need to come together and celebrate an underage girl dressed slutty, no matter what the occasion or how lame, boring, pathetic, useless, ugly, fat or stupid she is, because in the end it’s still an underage girl dressed slutty, and that’s always lots of fun to look at….

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  • yawn

    i dig this (legal in NY) chick..
    dont understand the vitriol against her.. she aint harming anybody AND she’s fucking hot.. and young win win..

  • HornyLohanWanker

    She needs to smoke more.

  • she’s hot, but she looks like a fucking raccoon.

  • Bob Smith

    Since when does DSF feature crack whores?

  • fuck!

  • Expletive:BMP

    In any event, this media darling wants to be Marylin Meets Madonna meets Paris Hiltion meets Shauna Sand meets Britney Spears before she went ape shit meets Jenna Jameson meets Joan Jett meets Jem meets Kim K, maybe not Kim K. Kim Kardashian is awesome and this girl is—

    Okay, I don’t know Kim K from a hole in the ground but who knows if she’s totally hot looking or just boring and not. Who knows really?