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Kelly Brook Nude Underwater Dance in Pirhanna 3D of the Day

I almost saw this movies this weekend. Not because I am into shitty movies, but because my friend is into naked pussy in shitty movies. I am just glad I didn’t.

I know, Kelly Brook is a seasoned topless model, who we shouldn’t get excited about seeing topless, especially not now that she’s got a new publicist, who somehow managed to make the world care about something she’s been doing a decade….

While Riley Steele, the girl she is dancing underwater like a faggot with, is a seasoned young pornstar, who actually gets fucked by black dudes on camera, all because she went to the AVN awards, met Jesse Jane, decided to follow her lead and got recruited to her company, only to take her hot little body, alter it with shitty fake tits, and slowly morph into her den mother, who I guess is one of the biggest pornstars, so in her perspective it can’t be a bad thing, even if shit looks fake as fuck…

I guess I am posting this, partially because Riley Steele is a big fan of mine, but also because it is the first time these low level celebrities, who are both worth fucking in their own right, but who just aren’t that high profile, are in actual movie theaters on the screen naked, instead of the back row naked, cuz that’s what whores do…and not only are they in the shitty fucking movie, but they are also in 3D….and the whole thing is just far too exciting for me to grasp….

This underwater interpretive nude dancing is fucking hysterical……serious fucking joke….you gotta watch this…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Now that shit is art, but I am still rooting for the fish.

  • Expletive:BMP

    They’re awesome swimmers, I can’t swim so being on an Island with water less than twelve miles in almost every direction tends to make me nervous. It’s partly why I wanna go to Canada or some where safer than an Island in the middle of the fucking ocean. But they’re so cute and awesome.

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