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Lily Allen Hasn’t Had an Abortion Yet of the Day

Remember last time Lily Allen got pregnant, and she had an abortion that she pretended was a miscarriage. That was a good time, lots of laughs, lots of memories, probably not for her but who really cares about her….

Here she is pregnant again. Not as arousing as the last time, since Abortions are like porn to me, but Lily Allen being the star of that show, kinda cancelled it out.

I guess she felt so guilty that she couldn’t bring herself to pull out the vacuum again, but more importantly now that she’s pregnant she can eat whatever the fuck she wants and no one can make comments about it, not that she didn’t eat everything she wanted before, just now she doesn’t have to hide in her closet to do it, or cry after she’s done it.

This bitch is a pig and I think it is appropriate that she’s posing with other barnyard animals…and I don’t really know what inspired me to post this…I don’t find her hot ever, but I like to think it all stems from hate.

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  • Mike

    Retarded post.

  • You skank

    Moe Howard in a dress….