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Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Fatness of the Day

Like all fat chicks, she just keeps growing and growing…If there is one thing I hate about fat people, it’s not their eating or their sleep apnea that keeps me up all night cuz the bitch is a fucking louder and gives off more heat than a broken furnace, it’s when they accept being fat, embrace being fat and parade their fat asses around like a cow at the county fair, hoping that other people will follow the fucking lead and give them the respect they feel they deserve because they have no self control and eat their loneliness away every night.

It looks like there is no stop to this fat shit, and one day they’ll have to crane this pig to the hospital for gastic bypass and the whole thing is pretty sad, cuz when she was disciplined before being tired of all the work that went into being disciplined, she was pretty fucking spectacular…sure we all knew her body and tits had the capacity to become this…we just never thought the Hollywood pressure would allow her to be…

It’s all very depressing, but not as depressing as it is for her mattress….

She’s still a decent target for gold diggers and I really don’t know why no one has knocked her up yet, cuz fat or not, she’s a meal ticket who loves as many meals as she can fit into her busy day of eating…

I’m just happy she’s not pullin a Kim Kardashian fat chick style tip and wearing spandex….cuz that the kind of shit hell is made of.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    MMmmmm, I want to nuzzle up into that fat, pull a fold over my head and slurp and suck my way to nirvana.

  • Drunken Pig

    Technically a chick is not fat until her gut sticks-out past her tits..oh who the fuck am I kidding..*fills her trough with yet more ice-cream*..gonna breed with this sow..hey I need the money!!

  • sucksadick

    she still has great legs

  • JZ

    She looked hot as hell in some short shorts and a boobtastic white tee in pictures I saw earlier today. Still the better Simpson.

  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    Oh fuck, she is a big fat slob. “Blimp-son!” Ha ha ha…

  • cowbulls

    I think she still looks great. I also bet Mayer is right that she is incredible in bed.

  • Pastor Terry Jones

    sorry, but jessica simpson is fucking hot. i don’t understand what everyone is talking about. she’s a sex bomb. if she’s such a slob, then how come guys fall over themselves in order to have sex with her?