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Chelsea Handler Topless in The Plotters of the Day

Here is an old sex scene starring Chelsea Handler in The Plotters, some movie I’ve never heard of….This clip will prove why she is a talk show host and not an actress. I am not sure what the fuck this shitty softcore porno quality awkwardness is, but it’s pretty fucking jokes….I guess her career could have gone two ways after seeing this, comedy or into hardcore porn, and I guess she made the right choice, because I don’t think she’s hot….but when the sex tape hits, I’ll be watchin’ her fuck….I’ll just make sure her obnoxious JAP voice gets put on mute…

This is probably the best joke of her career…God, it is so funnehhh…

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  • Taz

    Nice set of twins

  • Bob Smith

    Who is Chelsea Handler? Is she famous or something?

    Worst sex scene ever. If actual sex was this boring, people would just stop having sex.

  • Expletive:BMP

    After watching her on E and realizing that E was as gay as any network can get without being actually gay, I fully appreciated Handler’s choice of being there; she wants to appeal to all Gay men to try her wears and remain true to who they really are since, she’s actually a better choice than having a dick up your ass and if their faggot friend ask who they slept with, they’d just say Chelea Handler which is equivalent to saying ‘I jerked off with a bit of lube, though there was a cucumber up my ass.’ If that’s ya’ll thing, Chelsea your down low buddy.

    I started to wonder after watching her on Celebrity fights or some dumb shit, where she said that she has two sisters and they were all good in bed, I got to thinking, would she provide the perfect lay to cure my virginity? Or would she feel let down that I’m this tall black man with a bit of a tummy and big feet, with a dick no bigger than five inches?

  • Drunken Pig

    Chelsea Handler (nee ‘Jewish Princess”) made Hollywood thru bruised knees, carpet burns, and worn out casting couches!!
    Bitch landed the ‘E’ gig only after fucking the producer..check it..honest in being a complete slut and un-abashed at loving sex..Id dive at the chance to get dirty with her!!

  • Perv

    Why does this guy go from fucking her to waking up with his underware and sox on? Do most guys get dressed to spend the night with a naked chick?