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Sasha Grey in Some Men’s Magazine of the Day

This men’s magazine that is slowly going broke because the owner and founder is out of touch and 90 just had Sasha Grey do a pictorial for their latest issue…and I’m all for getting bitches naked and in pictures…it’s actually one of my dream jobs along with breaking the world record of most blowjobs with the most women in a given year record…but I do have a problem when the person they get naked is a fucking pornstar…and not just any pornstar…a broken home pornstar who tricked all these insecure rockers and celebrities that she’s an artist and her throat fucking porn is some statement on our society…which in and of itself annoys me because porn is porn…getting fucked on camera is getting fucked on camera and getting face fucked while a huge black dick rips your asshole open….just stems from other deeper, darker issues….the whole being goth and ironic isn’t cute or even interesting to me…so I pretty much hate this bitch….but for some reason…people are responding to her…she is getting TV roles, movie roles, and is all hype…cuz she’s really just a gutter pornstar and that’s what needs to be remembered….

There was a time this men’s magazine got girls we wanted to see naked, not girls we could google to see getting three dicks inside her at the same time…

Either way, here’s Sasha Grey and her hipster bush she’s bringing back in style, cuz it conveniently covers up her cunt scabs, but more importantly, fits her artistic, ironic, bullshit strategy, when really she’s just another Belladonna or gutter pornstar who just packaged herself proper….


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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Oh. Yes. This piece of gash, has me dry humping my monitor.

    What I would do to her would be amazing, for me, for her, I doubt she would survive.

  • Taz

    I have lost a lot of men over this one

  • Al

    Why is she just so hot!!!!! She’s such a guy thing

  • goat

    I love hairy bush…

  • Expletive:BMP

    Yea, Sasha Grey is the only scrawny chick I sort of like, until she opens her fucking mouth and says dumb shit; after that, it’s over for me. I’m not talking about what she says in regular life—like her Youtube vids—- but I’m knocking her sexy porn vids when she talks as if some one shoved a speaker box up her ass, and asked her to repeat whatever mechanical sounding bullshit eminating from her shitter, verbatum: ‘OOOO YEA FUCK ME, WOW IT’S AMAZING HOW YOU PUSH YOUR..’ Just shut the fuck up and take dick bitch! Not that I’d call this amazing bit of cunny bleed a ‘bitch’, but hearing her voice remind me a lot of those japanese porno vids were the girls make that whinning shrilling noise, you know that high pitch bullshit that makes you want to castrate yourself with a spoon, or more accurately, spoon out their cunny bleed.

    I’m thinking Sasha Grey’s self promotional bullshit is about to implode in three two one….

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    There is an audio track on porn? I learned something new!


    one free video online of sasha shows her taking it up the butt from a number of men, while some black guy shoves his butt in her face for her to lick his naked butt crack…a lot funnier, laffing at her, than anything sexy.

    this is probably the same sex scene where she got ANAL HERPES…! really: google sasha grey anal herpes….anal herpes before age 21, and for a girl, not some gay male street hustler.

  • jc

    After checking out your blog for a while now, I must admit, even though you could back it off a notch or two most of the time, there is some real truth in most every column! Like about this chick, who is being embraced by the powers that be in “hollywood” because she is “edgy” and an artist, but at the of the day….she’s really just another porn star….

  • Dave

    First off Sasha Is a beautiful girl. If she wants a bush who cares. The slam on belladonna is not needed. Belladonna is a very nice lady also. I know neither of them care about all the crap that is posted on the web so I should have kept my mouth shut but it gets old reading on all these crap sites about people that are in no way in real life how they are portrayed. Being a porn star does not make you a bad person. Typing out a slew a shit dribble is. The ignorant people that read this mindless shit spew and believe it are sad themselves.

  • Claudia

    First, I really love Sasha Grey. Yes porn is porno so… But waht I don’t like is that fucking wig! 90’s? Or older stuff? WTF! It looks awful. She es beautiful, she doesn’t need that stuff. Something more according to her, I don’t know… She look’s better in a porn scene that in those pics.

  • zack imafag

    just like the former president…i hate bush. get rid of that retro bullshit and keep that shit bald like my ballsacks. smooth as eggs.

  • lacy

    So she comes from a broken home? That’s the first time i’ve heard that bs to get attention for an article. You love to hate her, she gives your website hits, you’re a hypocrite.

  • GeorgeWBush

    OHHH YESSS!!!!! BRING BACK THE BUSH!!!!!! Lets finally get rid of the kiddy porn bald look that only pedofiles go for…cough cough zack imafag cough cough

  • Liam

    Am i the only one who thinks that despite what she does, that she is actually very stunning? Bush or not, i think she looks amazing. Sure, i enjoy her work, but in all honesty i wouldn’t say no to her even if she farted in the bed. I bed she has a wicked sense of humour and gives amazing hugs. There i said it.

    Oh no, pubic hair!

  • Linus

    I agree with George W. and make my bush thick as hell only freaks and Howard Stern clones love bald pussies. Real men love it very full not like some 9 year old.

  • DaveStashofPorn

    I don’t know what you’re talking about Dave but she isn’t just your typical porn star. Most of her stuff is like humiliation/degrading/getting punch in the stomach porn which doesn’t get me off. I didn’t know that hot chicks licking toilet seats was your thing Dave. Personally, she can do better. She doesn’t need to suck some 70 year old cock for shock value.

  • Drunken Pig

    About the only thing I’ve not seen this over-rated whore do is ‘Mexican bible study’..but I bet she has!! Most of her stuff is tedious and mechanical, you can tell bitch is not into it..unlike some that truly like getting fucked!! Not into hairy snatch but to each their own..getting hair in my mouth while eating pussy is a turn-off!! Nailing this chick is a sure-fire trip to the clinic!!

  • XYZ

    Nice human toilet.

  • XYZ

    She said she has an “open relationship” with her fiance (cough, cough). I wonder, in her case, how “open” can it be, lol…

  • noodles

    I would pound her ’til her ears bled

  • roscoe

    she has a nice booty

  • Expletive:BMP

    No doubt Sasha has cooties, but then, all these porn star fuckers has cooties, as well as 1 in 5 Americans, and 2 in 5 French. I’d quote statistics about the Bahamas, but fuckers here deny that people fuck—that’s why they take down any Bahamian porn, and lock up the mutha-fuckas who post it online— or deny that we have a card carrying BOLD BULL dyke problem, which is growing by leaps in bounds with these bitches wearing their hair in plaits as some form of code or shit. And that’s after they’re wearing male clothing and carrying themselves like males. So these fuckers in Government and behind the pulpit, and the Christian Council (who no doubt has more than enough fags and sweet hearting mutha fuckers per unit than the entire country as a whole)are in denial about our faggot problem (and in a small degree our sweet hearting problem, and our child abuse problems, though they’re basically natural, though wrong, but natural because it’s between male and female, except for the ones that isn’t).
    And I’m not talking about EXPERIMENTAL fuckers who suck dick or get it up the ass after getting bored watching regular porn and watch hard on gay just to get a raise, then after sucking dick horribly, and getting it up the ass they have a Zen moment exclaiming; “O NO! TAKE IT OUT PLEASE, STOP! STOP! I WAS WRONG , I WAS HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG, PLEASE TAKE IT OUT OF MY ASS AND REMOVE THESE BONDS! TAKE IT OUT OF MY ASS, I HAVE TO FART BADLY!” And the faggot says; “You better belch that mutha-fucka out cause this ass is tight and sweet.” No I’m not talking about the unfortunate curioius mutha-fucka getting prolapsed.
    And I’m not talking about that girl who experiments with eating cunny bleed and realizes that not only does she hate the taste but isn’t thrilled about another girl eating her twat since, she actually has a love of dick; “Now Abigail I’m gonna shove this dildo up your snatch after I’m done sucking out all that smelly goodness.” And Abigail disgusted says: “WHAT’S THE FUCKING POINT, IF YOU’RE GAY, WHY DO YOU NEED A PENIS OR A DEVICE WHICH RESEMBLES ONE, IF YOU’RE GONNA SHOVE THAT SHIT UP MY VAGINA, THEN I’D JUST AS WELL FUCK A GUY.” But the dyke says; “Fuck no guys are nasty and their penis is so gross, at least with this it’s sterile, and no nasty precum or cheesy like shit around their foreskins to touch, and that’s beside all that cum that makes you pregnant. They cheat alot, and they’re bossy too, now eat mama’s pussy!” She shoves her snatch into Abigails face. Abigail changes her mind; “REMEMBER YOU SAID I DIDN’T HAVE TO EAT ON THE FIRST TIME, I DON’T WANT TO RIGHT NOW, WHAT ABOUT LATER.” THE DYKE is outraged; “You NO Good selfish BITCH! I eat your snatch for you, and now i’m gonna give you the greatest joy of the ever-cock, which never gets limp, and the least you can do is nibble my snatch a bit—but you won’t? YOU UNGRATEFUL CUNT, I HAD A MIND TO SHOVE THIS UP YOUR ASS!” Terrified, poor Abigail attempts to eat her snatch, but is grossed out by the musky funk, and sweat like aroma of the Dykes sex. As she attempts to lick, another Bull dyke rushes in; ‘you cheating bitch, I’m away for a few hours and you’re fucking some one else, where’s my fucking knife: I’M GONNA GIVE YOU A FEW MORE CUNNY BLEEDS TO LICK!’
    No my fellow DSF’ers, I’m talking about card carrying bold mutha-fuckas who wanna fight for their right to fuck other guys in the ass, or fucking dykes who, as one said, ‘wanna eat every crabby out’ (which coming from a female made me wanna stab her in the fucking eye, and cut out her fucking tongue,)or to simply be fucked by the same sex, and they think it’s a natural right afforded them, or we should afford them this right and not feel foul about it, and that we all should hold hands in agreement, allowing the takers and givers to get married and shit. But after all of that wicked bullshit, these fuckers boldy still wanna be in churches, saying the savior is love and saying they have a right to be members, and be accepted even though the bible speaks out against wickedness of this sort And I, in my fully informed opinion feels that, maybe they should be a hindu or buddah or some shit, where being a fag isn’t a problem, but they won’t listen because they’re evil—those are the fuckas I hate. Those are THE DYKES AND FAGS I FUCKING HATE.

    And to be clear, I”m not talking about the gay persons ashamed of their actions and their choices, and live as best they could incognito, or the ones who isn’t ashamed in as much as discreet, so as not to offend others. Since they all fell into the snare of wickedness because they’re weak, like I do with my masturbation and porn watching, and FOUL LANGUAGE, problems. But these considerate people realizes that their actions is different—REALLY GROSS AND STRANGE. Even if it’s ‘strange and gross’ society wise, and not so much spiritually, and like me, they don’t want to go around boasting that we’re doing this or that wicked strange shit, and you should accept us, and our weird shit. Since, when you’re an evil fucker, or simply grossly different, you best sit in the corner and be humble, modest and/or ashamed—OR SIMPLY SHUT THE FUCK UP! But when you’re bold and disrespectful about your wickedness, boldy proclaiming your FAGGOTNESS, or some other DUMB SHITTY SICK BEHAVIOR, that’s when A MUTHA-FUCKA NEEDS TO BE BEATEN TO DEATH, OR BURNT ALIVE OR SOME SHIT.

    But with all this cheating and faggotry, cooties of all sorts are rampant around town, even high schoolers are getting their fuck on in record numbers. And the fucking dykes are infintely more bolder than the fags and are actively, and publicly going after young girls. THEY’RE NOT EVEN TRYING TO HIDE THEIR SHIT, THEY’RE JUST RECRUITING THESE GIRLS, LURING THEM IN WITH MONEY AND GIFTS AND PROMISES OF BULLSHIT—faggot guys were never that bold or thorough. And now a growing number of highshool girls are out there are becoming faggots and is avidly recruiting others, a fucking tragedy. So cooties and even aids is rampant among these groups; a dyke died from aids last year, she got it sucking on another dyke’s cunny bleed—which is funny except for some of these dykes are actually sort of bi-sexual to fit in, and not be scorned so, they’re spreading their shit to unsuspecting males, like cheating guys used to do years ago to their wives or girlfriends, who would have thunked it.

    But as far as cooties go, I Wouldn’t fuck Sasha Grey, I don’t think I’d sully my first time with Sasha, now if I meet a girl, and she tells me she has cooties, but I’m in love (wanting to be rid of this virginty), and can see myself with her forever, I might take the cootie plunge. Besides, they have pills for cooties even though it stays with you for life.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    BMP, Holy Fuck dude, 10 internet points for having the most dedication to rambling run on sentences. That shit was almost a book.

    And another 5 points for it being good!

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^That’s nothing..check-out his ramblings in the DSF forums!!

  • thisguy

    Hey Dave, i bet you think stripper like you too cause youre funny

  • Expletive:BMP

    Horny Lohan Wanker, I was fighting with the figits today, that bit of crazy feelings that make you wanna do something, any thing, only in a frantic fashion. Which is fucking awesome because they’re times the crazies touches the depression part of my mind and all I wanna do is fold up for a few years and watch the world fucking die—strange days I’ll tell you what.

  • Amber_Taylor

    Whoa, did lohanwanker just compliment a black person?

    There’s growth happening in 2010…

  • Baphomet

    You losers are the only faggots around here. You complain about homos then wank off to girls being sodomized or dyking it out online. Who are you freaks to judge anybody? Look at the sick, pedophile-run site your wasting your time on. You guys are just bitter cause women always secretly wish some of the homos were straight cause then they wouldn’t have to settle for classless, stupid perverts like you. You make fun of Sasha for having herpes but the truth is 80% of Americans have the HP virus and you are too much of a pussy to get checked so you keep spreading your diseased, worthless to begin with seed to women you don’t deserve.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Amber, the whole, nigger this, monkey that is simply a ruse, cuz, I love the Black person, women in fact, if we need to get specific.

    It’s the internet, don;t take everything so fucking seriously.

  • Expletive:BMP

    Baphomet you’re a real gay person, wow, I’m impressed, an actual gay person on this site. Bravo. Don’t rush away, or flee, I/we don’t bite, Well, Pred may bite, but the rest of us wouldn’t. You’d love Pred, he has the whole Shemale shit going on. I’ve seen a few of his vids. Good shit, Really good shit. It’s a lot like taking a Snow ball, you know; heroin and coke. It’s a bit much for the regular guy. Those who’re afraid that watching strange shit will make them strange, like you. I’m already strange, not gay strange, but strange. Like Pred, I have a predatory nature. And it scares the shit out of me. I weep and fight, and gnash to control it. Because I value human life. But they’re fucking times—it wants to win Baphomet, it wants to win, so gay porn, straight porn, animal porn, child porn, all those and more along those lines, as disturbing as they may be, all falls short when you’re fighting yourself. Trying to keep yourself on the narrow path. So I stayed away from certain things, until I was sure, I could handle the Predator inside. And I’m becoming better at controlling it. But if they day comes and I fail—we’re fucked.

  • Cunty Cuntall

    Hey Goat – If you love Hairy Bush – then you should visit my Nana sometime, her snatch is fuckin’ jungle. But she does go off !!

  • Expletive:BMP

    ^^^^I’d like to visit Sasha Grey’s Hairy Bush.

  • sak

    i wonder if sasha’s butt hole looks like she has mushrooms coming out of it when she has a herpes outbreak—-maybe elderly hugh can take a photo of sasha’s next butt herpes outbreak.

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