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Sasha Grey at an Event of the Day

It’s my birthday – so why not celebrate rotting – like the corpses we all are…with Sasha Grey not participating in abuse porn at some event…..

I don’t like porn, and I don’t like porn stars, even though they let us watch them fuck on camera, I find them annoying, trashy, broken and disgusting…but I really don’t like when they try to intellectualize what they do – like it’s a feminist plight and not low hanging fruit to get audience and fill you void…we get it – you’re a woman and you’re celebrating your sexuality on your terms for a male owned and run company and agent…by being violated by dudes in some violent fucking ways that don’t teach the kids much but how to get violated by dudes in some violent ways…empowering you dummy…

I do like that she signed a morality clause for ENtourage and had to quit porn, her lifeline, only to try to get into movies as a legit actor, because it’s a new era and it is the time PORN can go mainstream because it is mainstream….

I am sure she’s been fucked by a lot of A Listers…which I guess is like being an A Lister herself….

I think a better version of Sasha Grey exists on a porn site…instead of this wholesome goth shit…she’s trying to polarize her gaping asshole videos with…garbage.


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Sasha Grey is Not Choking on Dick in a Photoshoot of the Day

Sasha Grey dropped out of porn to become mainstream…because there are a few ways to become a legit actor and one of them is doing hardcore porn, I’m talking choking on dick porn and spinning it as an art project on sexuality rather than being a broken down bitch with daddy issues just trying to get male attention the easiest way she can…only to decide one day “I’m done with this, put me on an HBO Show, cuz everyone at HBO jerks off to my porn and love me”…but that angle just annoys me, cuz promo pics of her come out like this and I see she’s had her soul fucked away from her a long time ago, her skin is shitty from all the drugs and self destruction that comes with being cummed on so much, and really there may even be a herpes scab on her lip…making the whole thing fucking horrible on every fucking angle…but at least she can pretend she’s making moves…really boring moves…to god knows where, but I’m thinking somewhere religious, it happens to the best sluts.

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Sasha Grey Not Naked Enough for Rolling Stone of the Day

A pornstar who is no longer a pornstar but rather a nothing…posing half naked like it’s meant to be erotic or shocking…when I can just google her throat fucking scenes…because I don’t buy into the whole Sasha Grey is a genius artist shit…but rather see her for the bottom feeding slut she is….is hardly exciting….at least not to me…because I hate pornstars, they are dirty and everyday girls fucking like pornstars, who have had far less dick, are way more appealing…

The only interesting thing with this shoot is that Rolling Stone is a porn mag in other countries, which is nice to see, because maybe one day I’ll land their million dollar ad campaigns since I literally post the same content as them…

I assume some of you are fans of this bitch, so here are those pics…

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Sasha Grey for February’s GQ Spain of the Day

I think Sasha Grey is funny….she’s an overrated pornstar who turned her back on porn cuz she got one acting job where she played a pornstar or hooker….in what is just a product of her thinking she is a bigger deal than she is and that there is more to her than choking on dick on camera….when really there isn’t….she always tried to intellectualize her porn career, say it was performance art, and do anything she could do justify that she was just a bottom feeder taking a bottom feeder route to get known…when ultimately the objective was always mainstream….so seeing her get any exposure whether in obscure editions of GQ or not…just makes laugh…cuz I know as she sits there ass in the air….fully clothed….her only fan base…is her porn fan base….and they are being totally let down by her…..she fucked on camera, that’s who she is….so this mainstream exposure is totally undeserved….keep the gutter slut with no self respect in the gutter is what I say…not to mention her face is handicapped lookin….but you wouldn’t know that cuz you’ve only seen in covered in cum…the way it was meant to be seen.

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Sasha Grey Topless for CKM Magazine Poland Nov 2012 of the Day

Here are some pretty funny pictures in so many ways of Pornstar…or Ex-Pornstar Sasha Grey….hustling her mainstream acting career….by being the covergirl in Polish men’s magazines…that are even more low level than doing porn…

And I have the pre-communist era scanner scans of the shoot that looks like it took place in a Sears after hours circa 1987….

I don’t know what her career move is, or if entourage got to her head, but you just can’t take choking on dick on camera for a few years, and pretend it never happened….it’s against the fucking rules….

Here are the pics if you’re interested in having a good laugh…

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Sasha Grey in Interview Magazine of the Day

The weirdest shit to me is that Sasha Grey managed to market herself as some kind of performing artist….who’s art is getting throat fucked….instead of ass some gutter whore with daddy issues and no shame because she likes the attention and more importantly the easy money that is far better than working in a stripclub or brothel for….

She’s seen as this mainstream cross over legitimate force….and now she’s doing fashion spreads for magazines like Interview….instead of being frowned upon in society of the gutter trash she is…..

From gang bang and throat rape and getting fucked up the ass to taking on this…like she’s got anything interesting to offer other than her pussy and ass and mouth we’ve all seen violated….It just doesn’t make sense….send her back to where she belongs…the whole thing offends me more than any of her porn probably offends a religious person…

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Sasha Grey in Tits in Melt With You of the Day

So Sasha Grey, one of the dirtier pornstars, who you know is full of shit, exceept maybe actual shit, especially before a hardcore Anal scene, but full of shit in concept, being all goth and trying to intellectualize her porn career as being some performing art shit…when really it is just some throat fucking shit….but people buy the fuck into it and even gave her work in the mainstream…the movie is called Melt with You…it seems kinda gay….you know with the dudes making out….but you get to se her titties…even though google will let you see way more hetero, hardcore fucking…I’m talking EVERYTHING..but I’m posting it because I hate it….not because I endorse it…Porn chicks should stay in porn….

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Sasha Grey is the Pornstar I Hate the Most of the Day

I hate Sasha Grey….

She is the most overrated bullshit pornstar around. I know everyone likes her cuz she has a solid Publicist and some industry contacts that have allowed her to cross over to the mainstream….because people in the mainstream watch porn and felt that her being a gutter pornstar piece of shit who choked on dick in some of the most hardcore sex scenes in porn for a few years…that she spun as being an intellectual, or visionary or performing artist supported by a bush, no implants and goth looks….cuz she took some daddy issues, maybe some repressed child abused memories, maybe she was cheated on and decided to spite her first love by becoming a whore everyone wanted to fuck…all with average at best looks, that became hot within the porn world, cuz actual hot girls don’t usually end up in porn…..and comparatively she was hot…and the whole thing was too dark, obvious, boring even cliche for me…but obviously the world eats her up like she eats cum up….they’ve embraced her and given her a bigger ego than any gutter whore should ever have…I mean shit…the paparazzi is snapping of pics of her, she’s dated musicians who wanted to experience what they saw in video in person and she starred in the single worst season of Entourage….all far too much hype for a useless twat…that is actually a useful twat…it got her all she ever dreamed of….and more….but I still hate her.

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Sasha Grey in Some Art Fag Video of the Day

This bitch is a fucking pornstar. I hate how full of shit the world is. I hate seeing her being taken seriously, or for anything other than a fucking pornstar. I hate that she tries to intellectualize porn. I hate that people consider her a performing artist just because she says she’s one and I hate this dude who made this video, because everyone knows if Sasha Grey is on tape, she should have a dick down her throat choking her the fuck out…

Bullshit. We live in a society of Bullshit.

I miss a time when porn pussy was broken down, drugged out, and desperate…this artist visionary shit makes me want to cunt punch a bitch.

Overrated gutter bitch…

To See a Archive of Her Whore Work

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Sasha Grey in Some Men’s Magazine of the Day

This men’s magazine that is slowly going broke because the owner and founder is out of touch and 90 just had Sasha Grey do a pictorial for their latest issue…and I’m all for getting bitches naked and in pictures…it’s actually one of my dream jobs along with breaking the world record of most blowjobs with the most women in a given year record…but I do have a problem when the person they get naked is a fucking pornstar…and not just any pornstar…a broken home pornstar who tricked all these insecure rockers and celebrities that she’s an artist and her throat fucking porn is some statement on our society…which in and of itself annoys me because porn is porn…getting fucked on camera is getting fucked on camera and getting face fucked while a huge black dick rips your asshole open….just stems from other deeper, darker issues….the whole being goth and ironic isn’t cute or even interesting to me…so I pretty much hate this bitch….but for some reason…people are responding to her…she is getting TV roles, movie roles, and is all hype…cuz she’s really just a gutter pornstar and that’s what needs to be remembered….

There was a time this men’s magazine got girls we wanted to see naked, not girls we could google to see getting three dicks inside her at the same time…

Either way, here’s Sasha Grey and her hipster bush she’s bringing back in style, cuz it conveniently covers up her cunt scabs, but more importantly, fits her artistic, ironic, bullshit strategy, when really she’s just another Belladonna or gutter pornstar who just packaged herself proper….


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Some Popular Porn Stars Riding Giant Cock at the AVN Awards of the Day

I generally hate pornstars because they think they are celebrities. They don’t realize that they are just the tainted cumshot drying on the face of the entertainment industry, they are bottom feeding prostitutes who realized that if they fuck for money on camera, they can’t get arrested for being prostitutes, essentially, creating an industry with “professionals” who get paid to fuck when being a “professional” takes little fucking talent, just no class, no shame, a pile of tacky stripper clothes and a craving for male attention….

We all fuck, we all know how to fuck and every girl I have ever fucked has given me a performance far more exhilerating than any porn scene I’ve watched, but I guess being someone who can get laid, even if it is by really ugly girls, automatically makes me not part of their target audience.

They want husbands bored of their wives and too pussy to cheat and virgins losers who can’t get laid, the kind of idiot who will make his way to their conference and stand in line for their autographs like they are some kind of famous……giving them a bigger ego and making them think they are more relevant than they back alley blowjob they are worth….

I’ve met Sasha Grey and she’s a fucking cunt. She thought she was more important than she was because she bullshitted her story into being some “Social Experiment on Sexuality” and rockstars, celebrities and other perverts ate her up, making her a total fucking cunt who thought she was more than a whore with huge bush. I’ve also met Jesse Jane and she’s alright , she just looks like a fucking alien thanks to heavy plastic surgery a life of no self esteem gave her…and here they are riding giant dick a couple of weeks ago for G4TV. A reader sent in these pics so you can thank him for their half assed quality….

And here’s Sasha Grey, Boring, Obnoxious and Half-Retarded…..

Facebook Shut Me Down Cuz They Are Racist- So Add My New Account

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Sasha Grey for Rolling Stone of the Day

You gotta hand it to Sasha Grey. She was the obscure Goth girl in her highschool, who took everything a little too seriously and who decided to embrace fucking on camera and pushing the fucking limits while she was 18 and people wanted to see it. It brought her to the top of her industry, getting paid more than any other pornstar per scene, leaving all the cheesy industry people cofused as to why, all while taking a seemingly educated approach to it all, in some kind of rationalizing why she’s a whore. So despite having bush and not really having the porn look, but pushing the fucking limits and keeping porn interesting to people desensitized or looking for the next level shit, people who aren’t me because I get turned off with her porn almost immediately. I know girls who hate porn who love her, guys who are gay who love her, people who don’t like seeing a girl take on 14 black dicks, but for some reason respect her work and think she’s put the art back into fucking on camera.

So that’s brought her to the mainstream, staring in some movie about escorts as the lead a stepping stone to take over the fuckin’ world and it all started with a dick in her mouth on camera.

So girls, when I ask you to do porn for the site, realize it is in your best interest.

On a side note, how the fuck does Rolling Stone get away with publishing pictures like this, while I get rejected by advertisers everyday for posting the same kinda shit. Hypocrisy….

Here she is at the premiere of the movie….

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