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Sasha Grey Topless for CKM Magazine Poland Nov 2012 of the Day

Here are some pretty funny pictures in so many ways of Pornstar…or Ex-Pornstar Sasha Grey….hustling her mainstream acting career….by being the covergirl in Polish men’s magazines…that are even more low level than doing porn…

And I have the pre-communist era scanner scans of the shoot that looks like it took place in a Sears after hours circa 1987….

I don’t know what her career move is, or if entourage got to her head, but you just can’t take choking on dick on camera for a few years, and pretend it never happened….it’s against the fucking rules….

Here are the pics if you’re interested in having a good laugh…

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  • Hey now Jesus, she is now a legitimate mainstream actress.

    Which means that movie masterpieces such as “Anal Artists”, which came out in February of this year mind you, are also mainstream acceptable good ‘ol classic films for the ages.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    she’s a creature of Habit MadamMeow, maybe she’s schizophrenic.