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Sasha Grey for February’s GQ Spain of the Day

I think Sasha Grey is funny….she’s an overrated pornstar who turned her back on porn cuz she got one acting job where she played a pornstar or hooker….in what is just a product of her thinking she is a bigger deal than she is and that there is more to her than choking on dick on camera….when really there isn’t….she always tried to intellectualize her porn career, say it was performance art, and do anything she could do justify that she was just a bottom feeder taking a bottom feeder route to get known…when ultimately the objective was always mainstream….so seeing her get any exposure whether in obscure editions of GQ or not…just makes laugh…cuz I know as she sits there ass in the air….fully clothed….her only fan base…is her porn fan base….and they are being totally let down by her…..she fucked on camera, that’s who she is….so this mainstream exposure is totally undeserved….keep the gutter slut with no self respect in the gutter is what I say…not to mention her face is handicapped lookin….but you wouldn’t know that cuz you’ve only seen in covered in cum…the way it was meant to be seen.

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  • Shannen

    Yikes, whoever wrote this article has a real issue with women. Especially women who make a living as sex workers.

    So she does porn, which you most likely watched/whacked off to because you know who she is, and that makes her a worthless slut. Then she leaves porn to go explore other avenues, things that “a gutter slut who is undeserving of respect” would never do and for some reason you won’t give her snaps for trying to do something that society finds more respectable? Who made you judge and jury of who is worthwhile and respectable…you write articles for DRUNKENSTEPFATHER.COM, not exactly a beacon of intellectual prowess. Or even good writing. And I seem to recall drunkenstepfather.com having skeezy porn advertisements on their page not so very long ago. So it’s okay for you to finance your bullshit website through the work of these “gutter sluts” but they aren’t allowed to take pride in what they do and live their lives the way that they want to? Hypocrisy.

    I would just like to reiterate, whoever wrote this article is an idiot who probably never gets laid. Unbecoming my friend, very unbecoming.

  • Will

    This is the dumbest clump of words that has ever been put on the Internet. I think i am now stupider for reading this crap.

  • Dali

    The copy is written by either

    a.) a man with a small penis who would not stand a chance with Sasha Grey no matter how much he paid her


    b.) an angry jealous woman.

    Either way, this site just lost a place in my bookmarks.

  • reality check

    @Shannen she retired in 2009 she don’t do porn anymore get your shit right

  • Shannen

    I don’t see how my failing to know that she retired from porn in 2009 means I didn’t “get my shit right”. She retired from porn and obviously needs some sort of income so she needs to explore other avenues, most likely something that society finds more respectable. Reality check, huh? Something you need I would think.

  • XYZ

    Her rectum is like a subway station…. Scum, just scum….

  • XYZ


  • Travis

    The fact that Shannen got on a soapbox about someone who is both so irrelevant & diseased is very telling…

  • Shannen

    And what exactly do my actions tell you Travis?