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Olivia Wilde in the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue of the Day

Olivia Wilde is awesome…but only because her actual last name is Cockburn.

Here she is in some Vanity Fair photoshoot for the Hollywood edition, because despite being from England, this name changer for obvious reasons….Cockburn… is all Hollywood now….

She’s doing this throwback, burlesque, old Glamour shoot…and here’s the animated GIF…that is worth lookin’ at…even if the whole pile of shit…since hollywood isn’t glamour, it’s ghetto trash, that’s just masked with lots of corporate sponsorship money….it’s all a fucking facade motherfuckers…it’s all Disney Land….but behind the scenes and under the makeup is just broken souls, drug abuse, and garbage….

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  • roxanne

    i completely agree with your take on hollywood.

  • Harry

    Wow, you were bang-on about hollywood