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Sasha Grey in Interview Magazine of the Day

The weirdest shit to me is that Sasha Grey managed to market herself as some kind of performing artist….who’s art is getting throat fucked….instead of ass some gutter whore with daddy issues and no shame because she likes the attention and more importantly the easy money that is far better than working in a stripclub or brothel for….

She’s seen as this mainstream cross over legitimate force….and now she’s doing fashion spreads for magazines like Interview….instead of being frowned upon in society of the gutter trash she is…..

From gang bang and throat rape and getting fucked up the ass to taking on this…like she’s got anything interesting to offer other than her pussy and ass and mouth we’ve all seen violated….It just doesn’t make sense….send her back to where she belongs…the whole thing offends me more than any of her porn probably offends a religious person…

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  • Yep, these pics are pointless.  Even though it’s not there, I see cock in every shot.  She has no chance for anyone to see her as anything besides a whore.  It’s forever in her eyes.

  • DrD

    Gee, I dunno…. I think she’s pretty sexy.  

  • Theawesomedork

    Never heard of her before, take it she did porn, but she is really pretty in these pictures have to admit she is alot prettier than “legit” actresses.

  • Hater-Radar

    Let the bitch live her life, man, get off the haterade.
    “50 told me go ‘head switch the style upAnd if they hate then let ’em hateAnd watch the money pile up”-Kanye West in The Good Life

  • supreme kai’s hair

     you will see cock in every picture of any woman because you are a misogynist. regardless of what your gender or sex is.

  • supreme kai’s hair

    you’re a worthless piece of shit, OP.

  • Dark One

    Men like you just hate strong women.  You can’t appreciate a “slut” as a woman with a sexual appetite who fucks who she wants when she wants.  No… you just like women who are cowed into submission.  She’s a smart woman with good taste who likes a good hard fuck and takes charge of the situation…. exactly the kind of woman who would scare the shit out of you in real life as your little limp dick flopped around, unable to get a wooder because you’re a worthless piece of shit next to someone this sexually powerful.  You need control because, in fact, you have no power.

  • Dark one

    That’s just the way YOU see her.  Speak for yourself.