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Kate Winslet’s Mom Ass in a Tight Black Dress of the Day

I never found Kate Winslet hot. She was actually the main reason I thought Titanic was a comedy, because no dude in their right mind would die for a fat chick, unless maybe the fat chick was there mother, if anything while the ship went down, I woulda used her as a life raft to stay warm and afloat because there was no real use for her, but maybe I’m just cold hearted and don’t believe in love, or maybe I just don’t believe in love when you know a bitch for a couple of days, or maybe I’m just bitter about bitches who take diamonds from their fiances only to never give them back…I don’t know why I am ranting about Titanic…when this post was meant to be up the upgraded, fitter Kate Winslet some of you may like, despite her dumpy mom ass, because of her red pubic hair and “womanly figure” which is just code of “into baked goods”….

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  • CLC

    Mom ass!? I wish my mom had a sexy ass like that!

    wait…that’s not right.

  • grammar bitch

    their mother

  • Bob Smith

    I would fuck that over and over. Not the hottest body, but she seems very uninhibited.

  • cowbulls

    I bet that she is great in bed.