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Kate Winslet Bikini of the Day

Kate Winslet Bikini in Menorca

Here’s Kate Winslet doing her best impression of the Titanic, you know doing a tribute to the only reason she exists, only this time playing the massive disaster in the sea….in the form of her bikini….not the tragic sinking of the world’s greatest ship on the maiden voyage…because this isn’t her maiden voyage. She is old….but still has big tits.


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Kate Winslet Eating a French Fry at the SAG Awards of the Day

I can’t be too sure, but it seems like LEONARDO DICAPRIO is rocking his MIG CIG Vaporizer at the SAG awards, because Vaping is the new Gaping Model Pussy….and Vaping is the new Smoking in public….and not offending that many people…because it’s not smoke…and MIG CIG Is the Best Vaporizer …so be like Leo and BUY ONE …since it is probably the only reason he fucks models, even if he doesn’t actually fuck them, seeing as he’s a homo, but he definitely hangs out with them, pretends to fuck them, while talking about boys like a closet case…I mean other than the fact that he’s an award winning, A List, 100 million dollar a movie motherfucker…

I think it’s safe to say while everyone is talking about his MIG CIG VAPE ….

They are forgetting what’s important…Kate Winslet’s Pot Belly not getting SPANXED the fuck in…eating a french fry that may or may not be the source of the belly….

I didn’t watch the Screen Actor Guild Awards, I just don’t care about these bullshit celebrating people who already have the biggest fucking egos, like who is the best of the best, in an industry I think requires 3 percent talent and 97 percent stars aligning and self absorbed attitude that makes them not feel like an asshole playing make-belief…they get paid so much, and yes some are better than others, but I don’t give a fuck to watch it…

That said, Here’s the highlight reel…

Ariel Winter Breast Reduced Massive Fat Chick Tits

Sofia Vergara Old But Still has Tits…

Eva Longoria….tits

Kaley Cuoco fit…Tits…

Christina Hendricks Tits….


Christina Ricci Tits for Old Times Tits…

Sarah Hyland – Creepy As Fuck – Jon Benet Ramsey Lookin’ Tits…

Maria Menounos – Gossip TV Host Tits



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Kate Winslet in Lingerie for Esquire UK of the Day

Who gives a fuck about 40 year old Kate Winslet….

Oh right, every 40 year old who liked her big tits in Titanic…right before she became insanely rich and famous and barely showed her tits….even though she probably thinks she’s one of the industries greatest actresses…I mean that’s what they all think about themselves…while I just think they are all fucking garbage…but she’s still got tits…no breast cancer yet I guess..but she is at that age…#tits

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Kate WInslet Recreates Titanic of the Day

I guess this will be a fetish to a few people…

The first being Titanic fans as that movie touches all you faggots by the heart…and just sucks you into a fast paced one night stand…that you carry around in your miserable life wondering “what if he didn’t die”…but never letting that stop you from living your life, because let’s be real you met dude the day before he died for you, and he was poor….it would never have worked for a sugar baby…

The second being for Kate Winslet fans, because despite being an old mom…she’s got tits…..

The third being dudes who like girls who are tied, restrained and can’t run away from their needs and wants…

All this to say, this is better than Steve Aoki making the Titanic Song and EDM / Dub Step / Pile of Shit Song…that the next generation of kids 18 – 30 go crazy for, because the world may be doomed – but at least we can still watch Kate Winslet restrained…

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Kate Winslet for Harper’s Bazaar of the Day


The biggest contribution Kate Winslet has had in my life is the ability to say to girls I am trying to fuck “come over and let me paint you like Jack painted Rose in Titanic”…because apparently girls, at least the old, sad, depressed their lives have no romance girls that I talk to…love Titanic as much as James Cameron because it made him stupid fucking rich…even though he was already stupid fucking rich…

So every time I see pics of her, even though she’s pushing 40….or is 40…it brings back all the girls I’ve roped in with her tits…magical fucking tits…

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Kate Winslet Fat Tits at 40 of the Day

Kate Winslet is turning 40, in a year, and for some reason that was the focus of the article on her in whatever Magazine…because I guess they couldn’t just talk to her about what matters when it comes to Kate Winslet….her tits..

You see, when I hear that she is turning 40, all I think of is that she’s had a solid 25 years of dudes playing with her tits, staring at her tits, judging her by her tits, deciding her worth from her tits, because let’s face it, ever since Titanic, the only thing that mattered about Kate Winslet was her fat tits..

So here are some of her tits for the magazine spread. I am glad I know how to dissect really insignificant stuff, like 20,000 dollar photoshoots with Kate Winslet..to focus on what matters…her tits.

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Kate Winslet’s Mom Titties Make Sexual Gestures of the Day

Kate Winslet recently had a baby, so she’s decided to show the public what to do to not get pregnant – all with some hand gestures…fascinating how good she communicates with her body…no wonder she won the Oscar…TAKE IT ON THE FACE LIKE HOOKERS>..

That said, check out those milk filled tits, they almost make me ignore her belly….


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Kate Winslet Likes Child Rapists of the Day

I get that Roman Polanski is a cinematic genius who was just fucked up when his wife and their unborn baby was killed by Charles Manson, so fucked up that he did the natural thing guys do when they are at their lowest, and fed a teen drugs and had sex with her, forcing him to flee the country and live in exile in Switzerland, never to return because it is not worth getting arrested for….

I also get that you can’t judge a man by his sexual dysfunction, I mean if we did, we wouldn’t have priests to talk to, elementary school teachers to teach or kids, birthday party clowns….or gays and lesbian friends.

But I like to point and laugh when actors or other people are hamming it up with perverts and kissing them like they aren’t perverts because it is a political move for their careers, because the man is a genius, without realizing all the Christians back in America, who are likely perverts themselves, just oppresed properly, are going to be offended by her being so Euro and lax about sex offenders….cuz Europe remains far cooler than America on all levels….

Here are the pics of her Titanic Mom Tits in a Tight Dress

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Kate Winslet TIts in Mildred Pierce of the Day

I wasn’t getting my fill of nudity today. It’s been a fucking downer. When my entire life is based on internet nudity of bitches I don’t know but hate.

So I had to get desperate, and turn to Kate Winslet’s fat chick mom tits in some HBO miniseries I have no plan on ever watching, all because she is showing some fucking tit…..

Unfortunately, nudity on TV, no matter what country it is in, no matter what girl is doing it, is always worth watching…at least when you’re me and have nothing better to do….FOLLOW ME

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Kate Winslet’s Mom Ass in a Tight Black Dress of the Day

I never found Kate Winslet hot. She was actually the main reason I thought Titanic was a comedy, because no dude in their right mind would die for a fat chick, unless maybe the fat chick was there mother, if anything while the ship went down, I woulda used her as a life raft to stay warm and afloat because there was no real use for her, but maybe I’m just cold hearted and don’t believe in love, or maybe I just don’t believe in love when you know a bitch for a couple of days, or maybe I’m just bitter about bitches who take diamonds from their fiances only to never give them back…I don’t know why I am ranting about Titanic…when this post was meant to be up the upgraded, fitter Kate Winslet some of you may like, despite her dumpy mom ass, because of her red pubic hair and “womanly figure” which is just code of “into baked goods”….

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