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Kate Winslet Likes Child Rapists of the Day

I get that Roman Polanski is a cinematic genius who was just fucked up when his wife and their unborn baby was killed by Charles Manson, so fucked up that he did the natural thing guys do when they are at their lowest, and fed a teen drugs and had sex with her, forcing him to flee the country and live in exile in Switzerland, never to return because it is not worth getting arrested for….

I also get that you can’t judge a man by his sexual dysfunction, I mean if we did, we wouldn’t have priests to talk to, elementary school teachers to teach or kids, birthday party clowns….or gays and lesbian friends.

But I like to point and laugh when actors or other people are hamming it up with perverts and kissing them like they aren’t perverts because it is a political move for their careers, because the man is a genius, without realizing all the Christians back in America, who are likely perverts themselves, just oppresed properly, are going to be offended by her being so Euro and lax about sex offenders….cuz Europe remains far cooler than America on all levels….

Here are the pics of her Titanic Mom Tits in a Tight Dress

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  • That dress looks like it’s trying to create some kind of optical illusion. Except it’s not working.

  • Bob Smith

    I would fuck winslet silly. She’s completely uninhibited.

    I’ll bet the phrase “go slow” has never passed her lips.

  • cowbulls

    I agree with Bob. I bet she is a world class fuck.