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Jennifer Love Shouldn’t Leave The House if Not in Bandage Dresses of the Day

Here are some pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt proving a simple life lesson to sub-par women everywhere…Never leave the house unless you’re dolled up in spanx and a bandage dress with your fat tits spilling out in a smoke and mirror effort to look better this…cuz like Kim Kardashian, no one wants to see you like this, all dumpy, with no make-up and a real clever literal shirt, in a “my name’s love and this shirt says love, OMG I NEED IT” kind of obnoxious way…that you probably like cuz it reminds you of 5 year olds….but that reminds me of a dumpy bitch hiding her dumpy body and trying to make you focus on her shirt and not her really old, un-made-up just been cummed on face…Which may be hot to you, but is probably just good to laugh at for he normal people who hate this priviledged cunts.

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