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Rosario Dawson Body in Some Dress of the Day

Rosario Dawson is some gutter hispanic chick who was born to teenage parents, lived as a squatter, was found by Larry Clark and Harmony Korine at 15 where they figured they’d hire her to get into her bra and panties for their movie and no one would care if she got half naked at 15, because her parents couldn’t really sue them cuz they were broke ass, and why would they, 15 was the age they were making babies, and maybe this will open doors, which I guess it did….cuz now she is a big star, with big tits and a big head kinda like a hispanic horse coming to get her whore, coked up ass ridden into the sunset on…and I only call her a coked up whore because that’s what this hispanic girl who grew up in her hood told me…

Here are her legs, ignore her big feet and head.

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  • Expletive:BMP

    Awesome rosario dawson, bring out the big guns, she was in kids right? I watched kids, different movie. liked the first few moments when that apple pie tart got fucked by the kid with aids, hated the kid with aids fucking the apple tart, that was sad, loved the apple tart, she was so cute and fuck worhty. beat out a few to her sweaty body i’d tell you what.