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Karissa Shannon Superstar Sex Tape Exclusive of the Day

Karissa Shannon Superstar is right….This clip is fucking amazing….and I can’t wait to see the whole video…which is out next week….LEGENDARY….loving seeing her get her whore hair pulled…genius….

I managed to convince my friend at Vivid to send me a clip from the Karissa Shannon Superstar sex tape….We’ve already seen some of the black on blonde, light bondage, natural lookin’ Playboy body unphotoshopped in these ScreenShots….but I always prefer seeing the real video…

Celebrity Sex Tapes is really what I live for. It is a big reason I have this site. I remember seeing the Pam and Tommy video many years ago and thinking that seeing a bitch from TV fucking is just a genius concept, even if she is just a slut, because now everyone knows she’s one….

It is one of those she has money, she has fame, she doesn’t need to waste her time letting the world see her fuck, but I’m fucking glad she did…and I am sure the inspiration behind this tape, Kim Kardashian feels the same fucking way, there is no way she can say she didn’t want to fuck on camera or have the world see a dick inside her, and there’s no way she’s regretting that shit cuz now she’s the biggest fucking ass, tits and thing in Hollywood….a real fucking money maker…when she’s nothing but a pornstar with strategy and a good PR team….

I don’t know much about this Karissa Shannon bitch, I just know that she’s obviously the uglier of the twins, because the ugly twin is always the insecure twin who does bad things to stand out from the other twin they secretly hate.

I don’t know how they ended up in Playboy, but some sources tell me because they let Hef fuck them up the ass, becasue they were just trashy enough, with fake blonde hair and a novelty that they were twins, young and willing to get through the process…..and who really cares, Playboy fucking sucks, it is dying along with Hef, it is boring and it takes these porn looking chicks and gives them the taste of getting naked, when really they shoulda just started out in porn…

But I guess if they started out in porn, I would have nothing to get excited about, because this sex tape wouldn’t mean shit and it is really all I have going on right now…

It may be desperate, it may be bottom feeding, but it is young pussy getting railed by black cock, and in this Hip Hop era, I see nothing wrong with any of this…even if this Sam Jones III actor turned drug dealer turned attempted rapper and record exec is exploiting this bitch to get himself ahead…shit’s still worth watching…cuz dumb whores even when being used is just as hot as them using themselves to get ahead…

Just remember that after all this hype about her the last month, she still only has 17,000 twitter followers, her’s got 5,800 meaning this Sex Tape may be their only hope…but the good news is that it is still a sex tape, and that’s good enough for me…

To find out more….Follow this Link

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  • hitman912

    If only it wasn’t a nigger fucking her.

  • mike

    wow!! Cant wait!! Id ramp her all year long with her sisters as well.

  • Taz

    full on hair grab!

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  • nunya

    I bet this bitch has AIDS now.

  • cowbulls

    A couple of you are missing the point. As soon as the gorilla got into her, she lost ALL appeal to me. I have zero interest in her now. The saying is really “Once you go black, you aren’t welcome or wanted back”. Not even Cindy Crawford in her youth was worth following a gorilla.

  • rapid

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    If you think you can do a better job, why not go out and try and pull a good looking girl like this, stop hating and staring and do it.

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  • Doc

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  • Cooksad

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  • Mr. Bombado

    You’ll find this WHOLE tape on XVideos =D