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Drew Barrymore Does Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

Here are some pictures of Drew Barrymore in Harper’s Bazaar barely looking like Drew Barrymore, which is a good thing cuz she’s ugly…and so is my hangover…I blame you addiction, it is all your fault…

I am posting these to encourage ugly girls to make moves to make themselves look worth fucking, because not that long ago, Drew Barrymore was an inbred lookin’ fat chick with a lesbian haircut…and now, thanks to photoshop, some botox, a wig and a diet, she’s an older lady you wouldn’t be ashamed of slamming when she picks you up in the bar…not that you”re every ashamed of slamming anyone, since when that miracle happens in your life, it’s the other party dealing with the shame…

Pics…Look at them…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would tear drews ass up, while forcing her to wear an ET mask.

    I might even stuff her cunny with reeses pieces, and wait a few minutes till they got heated up, then giver her a good pile driving.

  • roscoe

    over-rated lisping ugly no talent hag who’s passed her expiration date by at least 10 years

  • You skank

    man face

  • beavis

    I never got why we were supposed to like her so much, I guess because she went into rehab as a child, but seriously she is a product of Hollywood nepotism to the 1000th degree, kind of like the Kelly Osbourne of her day.