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Jenny McCarthy Picking Her Ass in her Bikini of the Day

I like Jenny McCarthy cuz she makes austic babies, something I look for in a uterus because I figure if you’re gonna have bratty kids to waste your time and waste your energy and annoy you for 20 years, they might as wellbe brains who can code websites, making me billions of dollars like I was Mark Zuckerberg’s dad…..not that I’d ever get with Jenny McCarthy…she’s blocked me on TWITTER cuz I guess she’ a little more sensitive than I am to comments about her uterus making handicap babies…but she deserves it for the 90s and her MTV big mouth and annoying behavior….

Here is her Playboy body, 15 years later…in a bikini…her tits don’t look a day over 16. They held up nicely after she bought them all those years ago….

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  • cowbulls

    I wish her butt was a little rounder but otherwise that is a fine piece of female flesh. I’d lick it, stick it and repeat until dehydrated.