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Katherine Heigl Bikini Picture from her Hot Tub Scandal of the Day

Katherine Heigl was being a bad parent the other night and decided to have a little hot tub party like she was still in college only with a body of a 35 year old mom….I don’t know if their was cocaine, drinking, E or roofies in the mix to make this an actual hot tub party…but I do know the police were called possibly cuz the hot tub was made into a health hazard they had to confiscate due to dirty pussy….like the time my friend told his wife he got herpes after a conference in the Bahamas from being in a dirty hot tub…and neglected to tell her that he was also in a dirty local….

Either way the paps got a bikini pic and all bikini pics on bitches with tits are good for my soul.

To See the Rest of the Picture and Read the Story – Follow This Link

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