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Serena Williams is Huge in a Bikini of the Day

THere is nothing cute about Serena Williams doin’ this little girl stance…you know a stance you’d giggle to yourself if you saw your cute girlfriend doing it…but for some reason…when this bitch gets down…I get fucking scared because she’s a monster…seriously, if this strategy of being a tennis star that can eat all the competitors, making shit pretty much not even a competition, she can go off and start a career in horror movies, put a mask on this body and it’s on….

Seriously, she’s standing next to a normal sized borderline chubby girl and makes her look dainty….

What amazes me above all is that dudes actually fuck her…I know that dudes will fuck anything, but why her? Is it the money? Do they actually like this shit? Are they even into chicks..or are they closet cases scared to fuck actual men…..It’s a whole lot of questions for me to handle, but not nearly as much as her bikini’s got to handle…But at least shes’ wearing white bikibi bottoms…my favorite…..

This is a ridiculous fucking ass….

I am confused….and scared

Hold me….

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  • Die Cunt

    im not 100% sure, but i think these pics are about 2 weeks old.

  • Die Cunt

    either your site is all fukked up, or you are putting up posts that are all weeks old.