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Victoria Beckham’s Crotch for Marie Claire of the Day

Here are some pictures of Victoria Beckham showing off her robot mound in some magazine spread that didn’t involve her being spread…and that’s kinda unfortunate…because I have this hobby where I spend hours comparing vaginas and it’d be nice to get her in the mix…I also have a think where I like seeing every single girl’s vagina no matter how big, small, polluted, hairy, infected, disabled, old, deformed, tasty, rich and luxurious it is….but I guess the concept behind this, where a girl is in her bathing suit, under a coat and letting the wind strategically flash us, like this slut I used to know who would intentionally go out on windy days in a short skirt and no panties on cuz she loved showing strangers her cunt but liked that nature was deciding who got to see it for her…like some kind of hippie…..and that’s all I have to say about that…..

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