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Kelly Osbourne Was the Scariest Thing at the Scream Awards of the Day

Unlike all the fat chicks out there amazed that Kelly Osbourne started working out and lost all kind of fatness to every part of her body but her ankles and head, I am not impressed by her skinny, if anything I find it kinda awkward looking.

She was never hot and despite the happy glow she perspires now that she’shigh on endorphines, instead of being high on chips, cake, chocolate and sleeping pills mixed with uppers mixed with ADD medication mixedd with anti anxiety medication….like all Hollywood trash….she still looks like fucking shit to me.

Proving that sometimes new found confidence for fat chicks turned skinny, although pretty good at ended with blowjobs as they are making up for lost time when dicks didn’t visit their barnyard pussies, are always fucking fat chicks…even when they aren’t fat anymore…cuz fat is a state of fucking mind…and this little phase Osbourne is going through will pass….not that anyone will notice cuz either way…she’s busted….

Here she is scaring everyone at the Scream awards where she won scariest pussy at the event according to me….

Sarah Silverman was a close fucking second….It amazes me that I have seen this pig on “hot” lists by magazines…to me that makes any publication lose any credibility…she shouldn’t even make it on a top 100 hottest Jewish women comedians….even if there aren’t 100 comedians…she’s a sadder lookin’ pussy any pussy that juse realized she had sex with me…and that may not mean much to you…but it’s pretty sad….I have no idea why she has the confidence to wear tight shorts while showing off her pig legs in panyhose…..but I can only assume it’s gotta do with sacrificing herself for content….and I guess who fucking cares.

I am pretty sure I coulda taken a better angle with the Scream Awards…like by posting the bitches who were there who I actually want to see naked…but I make no sense….

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