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Audrina Patridge’s Drunken Trashy Mom of the Day

This is amazing. Audrina’s chain smoking gutter mouth mother talking about how classy and how much of a survivor and how much of a success her daughter is and how she’s still got more to give brings back horrible disgusting memories…the only thing this is missing is a trailer park, an inbred younger brother in a wheel chair and a can of soup being thrown at my head and I’d feel at fucking home….White trash is always funny….especially when it is living off it’s whore daughter….and defending the money train and doing it in typical drunkard anger….Hilarious…

I shoulda known her mom was like this when I first her name was Audrina. Only this kind of pig names her daughter after her stripper name..

Genius. Seriously…Imagine the amount of dick that has been inside this….A lot.

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  • Feisty_McShitty

    I’d hit it.

  • Leon Trotsky

    Hot Milf! That whore mouth makes her all the sexier.

  • Expletive:BMP

    Fuck you Hayzeus, i’d suck her cunny to taste the menthol. She’s so fucking hot. I’m getting woody right now just thinking about this boozy fucking dream. I’d rub my dick all over those awesome hips of hers. What the fuck happened with her kid though, Audrina looks so bland, it’s fucking sad and boring.

  • hector

    WOW. I’d be so embarrassed if this was my mom and she trashed my gravy train (Lauren Conrad).

  • Bob Bowie

    That’s one sexy momma. I’d fuck the shit out of her.

  • ken

    She’s not that old, and used to look like the daughter.
    wow, how drinking/smoking/drugs do a body good… not.