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Michael Douglas Dresses Like Ellen for Halloween of the Day

I know he has cancer and may be dying. But I didn’t know that having cancer and possibly dying makes a motherfucker morph into Ellen. Seriously. This is freaking me out…but not nearly as much as when I first heard Catherine Zeta Jones, while in her prime, married this motherfucker…but I’m not the kind of bitter loser who hates a man and wishes cancer on a man for bedding and securing hot pussy…I figure if anything it makes me feel better about laughing at his cancer face knowing he’s the one who has the last laugh…especially since my drinking, smoking and eating HPV pussy track record makes me a prime candidate for the same fucking fate….except without the hot pussy to get chemo induced blowjobs from…

RIP Motherfucker, in advance…

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    Why doesn’t he just crawl off somewhere and die already? Nobody wants to look at that…

  • XFORCE005

    Looks more like his dad Kirk Dougles did before he died.

  • Kirk Douglas is alive idiot…

  • cowbulls

    He should die happy. He’s been porking Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  • beavis

    Also incredibly rich, or so I’ve heard. Cathy, call me.

  • Ross

    Look, this site is fun and all, (been a fan for years) but just watched my Dad die from a cancer very similar. Please show a little respect people. I’m not his biggest fan but just saying it’s a tough time for the family. This is coming from someone who has seen it from start to finish. All other post you are free to carry on though…

  • jesse

    i totally agree with ross .. have some fuckin heart to whoever runs this site.

  • Expletive:BMP

    If this fucking piece of shit beano had a heart, then most of us wouldn’t show up. Because even if this shit is awfully tragic—WHICH IT IS, FUCK I LOVE MIKE DOUGLAS AND HE’S THE GREATEST OF THE GREATEST—we need to look back at all of it and have a good laugh—even if we’re crying because this guy is so young and his dad who is almost 90 is still out there massaging his dick hoping to get a raise, and probably still do—because laughing at sad shit, makes that shit seems a little less sad.
    Fuck cancer.

  • sturky muhdurky

    yep, i am not gonna make fun of the dude. he has always seemed pretty cool to me. he does not look well. he probably has maybe 6 months or so.
    he doesn’t look as bad as dennis hopper did when i saw him last but, he does not look good.
    best of luck mr. douglas.

  • Deedee

    Cancer sucks, I am an Oncology pharmacist…

    …..but he DOES LOOK LIKE ELLEN!!

  • ken

    Don’t put this guy on a pedestal. He royally screwed up his older son, who’s now in jail. Heavy smoker/drinker…
    -no sympathy here.