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Kylie Minogue Legs for Very Old Times of the Day

The cancer ward seems like it is always a good time. Sure…the terminally ill section gets fucking depressing as you see people in their last few hours…but the treatment is where the magic happens….

Maybe it’s because I used to jerk off to informational pamphlets from the 80s of Breast cancer survivors because they usually had one good tit and it was an era where whe got off to pics of nipples where we could get them cuz they were hard to come by…. or maybe it’s because the opportunity the cancer treatment center presents for pickin’ up. You know the girls are all insecure, weak and if they are single, eager for a companion…

Not that I’ve ever done it…but it’s on my bucket list.

All I know is that this Cancer Survivor’s not holding up as well as I’m sure she probably hoped…I guess her cancer treatment is finally taking it’s toll….But then again, maybe she’s just getting old…

On a sidenote. I donate to breast cancer charities because I like to do my part to save tits. I know hormones in our food and The Pill are fuckin’ up bitches and I am sympathetic to that. I do have a soul….

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