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Cindy Crawford Dusts Off Her Old Vagina for Vogue India of the Day

Last time and only time I saw Cindy Crawford in person was when she was getting out of her Escalade with her team of security as I happened to coincidentally be walking by her hotel….which is weird for me…cuz if I had known bitch was in town, I would have stepped up my stalker game and I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to make eye contact with her because I’m sloppy and the police would have probably restrained me at her in store appearance she was doing…cuz they generally don’t like drunk, fat, naked guys with small dicks humping the store window with “be my valentine” written on their chest in blood while crying…they keep us away from the “talent”, as well as small children and animals…I know it’s discrimination, but what can you do.

This was two years ago, she was promoting some furniture, I was drunk, she smiled at me as she peered down from her 6 foot tall vantage point, and I got a little hard, cuz bitch is fucking hot, even in her 40s.

So I’m happy to see her in these Vogue India pictures, playing her supermodel tits, dustin’ off her vagina, cuz really as much as I can’t stand older pussy, especially with kids, it’s not a deal breaker, cuz I a perver and I am unable to ignore it if it’s hot….but then again, maybe I’m just being nice to Cindy Crawford cuz she flirted with me…I know what that expression of disgust in her face was, it was lust.

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  • cowbulls

    Cindy is the sexiest woman of all time. She continues to look like a sex goddess. I hope that dipshit husband of hers is nailing her twice a day because a woman that hot just has to be used and used often. She is also been great for the economy because she has caused the use of more Kleenex than any woman in history.

  • You skank

    I wonder where she is hiding the pepsi can from those super bowl commercials ??

  • johnny

    I love this beautiful woman.