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Sarah Shahi Twitter Bikini Pictures of the Day

This bitch is doing the “get twitter followers by posting half naked pictures of myself but keep them innocent enough, like of me in my bikini playing on the beach, instead of me in lace playing with my twat, cuz I don’t want to be so obvious that I am trying to get twitter followers by posting half naked pictures of myself, but I still want to post half naked pictures of myself to get twitter followers…” game. Why? Because no one’s ever fucking heard of her except maybe a few Dallas Cowboy fans who still jerk off to the 1999-2000 Dallas Cowgirl calendar, which I guess was a big year for that feature, since it was Y2K and people still used calendars, making it a real collector’s items for creepy mechanics and calendar aficionados everywhere….She was also in the 2005 Maxim Hot 100 list…but more importantly she won the Miss Fort Worth pageant in 1997…..she also was in a few movies I never saw or heard of and a TV show I never watched called The L Word, cuz I fucking hate dykes (cuz they are never the hot ones you want them to be, but always the manly man hating ones you’re scared of)…but the most interesting thing about this bitch, other than her obvious cry for attention, is that her birth name is Aahoo Jahansouzshahi. Seriously…

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  • ThisSiteROCKS

    Still waiting for her new series Facing Kate to come on USA channel.

  • Vito

    Sarah Shahi, and yes, I know who she is, is a total hottie. She was on the Program “Life” playing the lead guy’s partner.

    I’d love to see her in the buff.

    But that’s just me.

  • Abner

    She also had a significant role on The Sopranos you twat

  • poopsie

    Aahoo means deer in farsi, her native language.
    we might aswell call her bambi.
    How cute!

  • Al

    a MILF at the highest order!

  • johnny

    Very pretty.