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Brooke Burke’s Latex Halloween of the Day

This was the first time I went out for Halloween in a long time. I ended up drinking with some dude who kept giving me back massages while talking about how much he likes fucking pussy until 7 or 8 in the morning..it wasn’t really by choice…he just kept following me from party to party and I think he may of been on E and thought my tits looked fun to play with…the good news is I did get at least one girl who was passed out in the corner to let me suck her tit…sure she didn’t actually give me permission…but she also didn’t say no….which was good until her friend, who happened to be a crazed bartending lost her fucking shit and threw a flashlight at my head insisting I leave the party for being a sick man…even though her friend was totally into it..despite the whole no moving and snoring….but if she didn’t want it why would she be wearing a bra out in public…

Either way, I’m recovering and here is Brooke Burke’s pretty amazing mom body in a latex outfit, that although is typical generic halloween bullshit…is good enough for me cuz she wore it to a kid’s with AIDS charity to show them what they’ll never get cuz girls like Brooke Burke don’t fuck adults with AIDS just cuz she fucks with Kids with Aids cuz it gives her a good public image…you know since Wild On wasn’t so conducive with people seeing her as a good, relevant, contributing member of society….unless you were talking to me…in which case it did..cuz I like drunk chicks with fake tits in bikini tops all the time…but who cares what I think..

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