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Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter on Set of the Day

Girls are generally too fat for my liking these days. Sure I don’t mind lookin’ at a set of fat tits or a nice round fat ass every once in a while, but there’s just something disgusting about seeing a gut hanging over a pair of jeans, or seeing a bitch eating, knowing that she’s not keeping up with society’s standards, in some kind of rebelling that brings on serious laziness that no one really wants to see, cuz we hate seeing quitters…but more importantly, we hate disgusting sloppy bodies…and with all the good press fat chicks get, from Plus Sized models to Precious being nominated for awards and all the negative press skinny bitches get from calling being skinny “eating disorder” making it out to be a disease or some shit…it’s kinda obvious that this is happening….

I can only assume this is propoganda from the sugar, butter and chocolate farmers of America, cuz the fatter our pussy is, the more money they’re making….but I guess thanks to them and their ruining of American Pussy, there’s something nice about Kate Bosworth and her tall skinny legs showing off their how superior they are to you…..

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  • roscoe

    Krysten Ritter!! yes please

  • don

    with all the man flab hanging out lately I can’t say much about the women looking a litttle chunky.

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